Saturday, July 16, 2011

Corporate Tax Attorney

A corporate tax attorney provides services to the corporations on behalf of tax resolution issues. Corporate tax or as it is sometimes called corporation tax is a tax placed on the profits made by companies or associations.

It is a tax that is calculated based on the value of the corporation's profits. This tax is made compulsory by the federal government as well as some state governments. The federal corporate tax is more noteworthy that he state corporation tax.

Most companies usually hire a corporate tax attorney before an Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) audit. Owners of small companies usually believe they can manage with just an auditor but this is not wise. It is wise for any size corporation to employ a corporate tax attorney.

A Corporate tax attorney cannot only be used at tax time. If you already have a liaison with a corporate tax attorney and you plan on expanding or merging your business they can help you with these dealings. Taxing laws are so complex and as such a corporation no matter what their size will need the services of an attorney.

A competent tax attorney can ensure that your business will always be up to date with the latest federal and state tax regulations. Some of the taxes that corporations have to file on are; payroll taxes on employee earnings, franchise statements to the state, excise fees on gas and federal and sometimes state tax on their income. With all these different things to be done it is easy to get behind on payments. Having a corporate tax attorney can help eliminate this.

This lawyer can also help to prevent you from having to pay certain taxes by helping you with business structure among other aspects of business development such as divestment's, acquisitions and mergers.

For example if a business is owned by shareholders, there are no income assessments. It is the sole responsibility of the shareholder to pay taxes on their dividends. Companies who are owned by single individuals on the other hand are subject to income assessments and pay taxes based on these assessments. C Corporations are assessed on a sliding scale and pay a percentage based on the profit bracket that they fall into. For companies owned by two or more individuals called Limited Liability Corporations (LLC's), will incur a liability based on their ownership in the company.

Employing a corporate tax attorney is a good way to ensure the growth and continued success of your business. They will take care of the legal aspects required when preparing your taxes and will be there to bail you if needs be. They can also offer services outside of helping with tax problems.

They can be employed full time to deal with all the legal matters of the business or just prior to tax time right before your IRS audit. They can give you advice that will benefit you and how much taxes you pay by advising you about ways to improve and reorganize your business.

By: David Patullo
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

A Tax attorney is a lawyer who helps the taxpayer resolve his/her IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or state revenue department tax issue. They are legal experts in the field of taxation. They can do a terrific job helping one remove bank levies, wage garnishments, tax liens, and can help prepare settlements, such as the much-publicized offer in compromise.

Overall, if you have a tax debt, the best choice and top form of representation is to hire a Tax attorney.

The average taxpayer may feel that there is no need to pay hard earned money, especially in this economy, to hire a tax attorney to solve his or her tax problem, as they may assume that their tax debt issue is not terrifically complicated. The truth is, while at first glance tax debt may appear relatively easy to tackle, the underlying tax law is in fact quite complicated, and is incredibly challenging to solve, even for the seasoned tax preparer.

Every year the tax law changes, and every year there are new ways to help the taxpayer enforce their rights against the IRS. For most tax debt issues, the best way to approach favorable resolution is through effective representation from an attorney, and the best advice in tax resolution is: hire your tax attorney now, before your problem gets worst.

Small business entrepreneurs often times have tax attorneys on staff as part of their payroll, because they are easily adept at negotiating with both issues of taxation and most financial aspects in business. They can set up business trust funds, stock portfolios, and financial accounts.

They are also an entrepreneur's first line of defense against tax debt and taxation issues. They can elucidate many of your key legal issues with the IRS or state revenue department before they become a problem, and in a recent survey, tax debt and its associated problems are affecting three out of every ten taxpayers.

On average, tax debt can cost a business and/or individual thousands of dollars in IRS penalties, interest and court fees, and if approached right, most of these fees can be avoided through the strategic use of a seasoned tax attorney.

Tax attorneys are law technicians, and have dedicated most of their time towards researching the changes and evolutions within the tax law. They can draft all of your contracts and file your tax returns accurately and duly. When confronted with a large, insurmountable tax debt, many taxpayers think filing bankruptcy is the final solution for your tax problem.

This is inherently untrue. If you are not aware of the rules of the bankruptcy court and proceedings, you can get into serious legal entanglements, often times doing much more harm than good. So consult with or have a good tax attorney on staff to help deal with most of your key financial points, especially tax debt.

Filing a tax return at the last minute is suggested against, as it becomes an incredibly hectic undertaking. Most CPA's (Certified Public Accountant) are not available at the last minute as they already have their client's needs to address, and for most, the April 15th tax deadline creates fear and panic.

By hiring a tax attorney you can prevent yourself from most of these tax issues and relieve yourself of the anxiety associated with filing your return. Tax attorneys can audit all your contracts, poor over your records, and create a clean financial bill of health. Learning and implementing all of the rules within the changing tax law can have dramatic effects on your tax issue and the related payments and/or savings, and hiring a tax attorney can help put the law on your side.

By: Priya Aypn
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